On the 25th and 26th of October the GEC Geotechnik - expo and congress will open the doors of the Messe Offenburg for the fifth time. Visitors can roam the exhibition from 10am. The fusion of trade fair and conference offers a pivotal platform for a multitude of businesses of the geotechnique sector and is a must for experts and laymen alike.

As scientific Divers we would like to concentrate on geotechnique related questions, which may arise under the water surface. Early detection of geological risks as well as the prevention of (geo-) chemical changes and geotechnical damages are our main focus. Should you already have some questions about the topic of Scientific Diving, we would be happy to answer them via phone or e-mail (Contact us).

WHEN? 25. + 26. Oktober 2017

WHERE? Messe Offenburg, Schutterwälder Str. 3, 77656 Offenburg


From the 03.-05.07.2017 the GeoWiD GmbH will be visiting the 85. annual meeting of the International Commission on Large Dams in Prague. The event offers international dam specialists world wide as well as specialists of related areas the opportunity of exchange through a variety of exhibitions, talks, workshops and excursions. In cooperation with our partners of the Scientific Diving Center Freiberg and the DEKRA Industrial we participate with a poster about “Hydraulic Structure Inspections” and a booth tackling the topic “Scientific Diving”.

We are looking forward to answering many questions about this topic and having many exciting expert discussions at our booth.

Further information:, and

We look back at a very successful 2nd European Conference on Scientific Diving 2016 in Sweden and would like to say thank you to the whole team of the Lovén Centre Kristineberg and all the guests.

I succession to Fjorden, Schären and the stunning underwater world of Skagerrak(North Sea), the 3rd ECSD will take place in the Atlantic. The venue will be more than 700 kilometres off the Moroccan coastline: the Portuguese island Madeira. On the 22nd and 23rd of march 2017 scientists and experts from all over the world and throughout the diving community will gather in Fuchal, the capital of this beautiful island, to connect internationally and share their research.

The conference has always had a clear goal:

The European Conference on Scientific Diving is a combination of the “Research in Shallow Marine and Fresh Water Systems” series with the "International Symposium on Occupational Scientific Diving" series into a single annual meeting. The intention is to provide a major international forum to highlight the scientific outputs that are being achieved in Europe principally through the use of scientific diving as a research tool. The symposium should attract the European leaders in the field of scientific diving, but must also provide a platform to encourage significant participation from Early Stage Researchers and students.

For planning organization and execution please find the following local establishments below:

  • CIIMAR-Madeira: CIIMAR-Madeira is a private NPO (non-profit-organization) focusing on atmosphere and marine sciences.
  • Clube Naval do Funchal: Public facility for a variety of water sports and host of water sport events.
  • Estação de Biologia Marinha do Funchal (Câmara Municipal do Funchal): A centre for marine biology with focus on education and researching marine sciences.

The conference lives through the large number and the veriety of its speakers, which is why we would like to encourage you to contribute with a paper, talk or poster. Please find the respective deadlines here (Link). Additionally you can find further information on the early registration, about the registration deadline and other important dates.

WHEN? 22. - 23.03.2017

WHERE? Quinta Calaça, Funchal, Madeira

Source: 3rd ECSD 2017

Range of Services

GeoWiD is a young company specialised on overcoming engineering and scientific problems above and under water. Our main focus is set on the fields of earth sciences and environmental sciences in a broader sense. Our team consists of scientists certified as CMAS Scientific Divers.
We provide the flexibility for innovative and alternative solutions. This is supplemented by an assortment of specialized devices designed and build in-house for under water usage.
As an owner-operated company which provides services and engages in consulting all over the world we pay special attention to the individual needs and characteristics of clients from different fields. From the first draft to the final report - we will assist you in all project phases.

Please get in touch - we would be happy to offer you our advice.

Please find further information in our leaflets in the Download section (Link - Downloads). Please find scientific articles related to these topicshere.



We offer a wide variety of services and consulting in the fields of geosciences and environmental sciences. According to your needs and wishes we can provide everything from single services to the management and execution of complex projects.


Scientific Diving

Scientific Diving

All our services in the fields of earth and environmental sciences are also available for submergent areas. With our specially qualified experts, certified methods and adherence to the highest safety standards, our flexibility and broad range of services has yet to be matched throughout the marked.


Special Equipment

Special Equipment

Scientific work under water requires specialized equipment for the task at hand. By utilizing our own experience and in order to meet the requirements of demanding environments we have been designing and engineering these our selves for several years and continue to enhance them further.




Continuous self-improvement is our motto - therefore our staff undergoes regular trainings and educational sessions to stay ahead and think outside the box. Among other things we partake in a variety of research, both on land and under water.


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You have questions regarding GeoWiD GmbH or are searching for a competent partner for your projects? We are happy to answer any of your requests via phone or e-mail during our office hours.
Of course you are more than welcome to stop by at our office in Dresden. Please contact us in advance to arrange a personal meeting.

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